About The Company:

Forecasting and Analyzing Digital Entertainment, LLC (FADE) is an independent, duly-formed Limited Liability Company originally founded in Delaware in December 2008 as a partnership between Benjamin Schlichter's Xbox Live Arcade analysis and Keith Jackson's WiiWare/Virtual Console analysis, with other investing partners providing logistical and technical support to the project. Formally launched in July of 2009, FADE's goal has been singular in purpose: To provide insights into the markets for digitally downloaded gaming titles. Our goal has been to track titles that are unavailable via conventional tracking methods, using larger volumes and types of data than the simple leaderboards estimates that have seen widespread use elsewhere.

About the Staff:

Benjamin Schlichter, Director of Research & Analysis:

Ben began analyzing digital data starting with Xbox Live Arcade in late 2007. His research attracted the attention of multiple publishers and developers, including GarageGames (now InstantAction), which hired him as a business analyst for their digital gaming content service. As of April 2010, he is the Director of Research and Analysis, which provides reporting services for most platforms, and conducts research on the viability of tracking new platforms.

Keith Jackson, Director of Business Development:

Keith was introduced to the gaming industry while working for media site VGChartz as a news editor in early 2007. He eventually rose to Editor-in-Chief of a team created from scratch of over a dozen writers and reviewers, while simultaneously acting as Site Manager and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the website content and community. He started researching WiiWare/Virtual Console statistics in mid-2008 and eventually resigned from VGChartz to form FADE at the end of that year.

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