iTunes store is the central market place for iPhone and iPod devices. Established in 2001 as a digital distribution channel for music for iPod devices, the market eventually expanded into applications in July of 2008. Since then, the iTunes Store has become the premier channel for smartphone applications. The iTunes Store has over 300,000 applications available among all application types, and over 60,000 gaming and entertainment applications.

FADE LLC estimates that the gaming application market for the iOS devices brought in approximately $750 million USD in 2010, with approximately 75% annual growth and maintains a life to date value of approximately $1.4 billion USD in paid gaming app revenue alone.

FADE LLC strives to offer the most comprehensive packages available for market estimates for the iPhone market, and is continuing to grow into new report offerings as new data comes available. As of January 2009, we are offering new packages with more granular data by-country.

Report Availability

  • Worldwide Aggregate - Our basic report. The basic report covers sales data each month for applications worldwide. Our reports include some high-level insights to individual countries. This report is limited to top-1000 entries

  • Regional Reports - We offer more granular reports based on reporting region. Purchasers of this report receive by-country data for each country we track in the given region. Regions include Americas, Europe, and Asia. For a list of individual countries associated with each region, please contact us.

  • Individual country reports - Finally, we offer reports for each country. These reports are limited to a given country upon request, and contain all available data for that country. We do not include a .PDF report with these sales, but can produce them on request. Clients can combine various countries at discounted rates for information concerning very specific sets of data they desire.

    Report Content

  • Number of titles sold, by price point
  • Average units sold, by price point
  • Average revenue of titles sold, by price point
  • Aggregate revenue of titles, by price point
  • Average price of gaming applications, by month
  • Number of titles available, by file size and average revenue
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