Xbox Live Arcade

Established in 2004 for the original Xbox, the Xbox Live Arcade is the oldest, still-running gaming download service for video game consoles. It saw a renewed focus during the launch of the Xbox 360, which as made it a premier market for smaller-than-retail gaming products. The service features over 350 unique titles, and is one of the most active markets for digitally downloaded games for consoles.

FADE LLC estimates 2010 revenue exceeded $123 million USD for Arcade titles alone, not including downloadable content, community games, or games on demand services.

Report Availability

Each Xbox Live Arcade report includes monthly and life to date data for all available Xbox Live Arcade titles. We also include life to date data for titles that have been delisted from the service for reference. We track approximately 99% of all available Xbox Live Arcade titles both past and present.

In the .PDF report, we include high-level observations of the Xbox Live Arcade market, and a synopsis of the Xbox 360 hardware as well.

Report Content

Sample Table of Contents for XBLA Report

  • Table: New Releases At A Glance
  • Table: Top New Releases
  • Chart: Year-Over-Year Monthly Revenue Comparison
  • Chart: Average Price per Available Title, by Month
  • Chart: Average Percent of Sales in Subsequent Months, Compared to Launch Month (e.g. Long-Tail Analysis)
  • Chart: Xbox Live Arcade Titles Published, by Month
  • Also available for our clients is our historical charts for the Xbox Live Arcade market place. We maintain sales charts for every month from January 2008 through current, which includes monthly and life to date data for all titles that we track. These charts can be purchased in any quantity, with large volume discounts available should a client want all our available data.

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