FADE LLC offers multiple report types to our clients. Using our data, we provide basic reports at a very reasonable price to our clients. For price quotes, please contact us.

What We offer:

  • Monthly Reports. Our basic report for each market contains relative data for each market. We strive to track sales data for each title across the platform and provide good high-level market insights. The start date of monthly reports varies widely, as we strive to become build reports for all digital download formats available to consumers.

  • Annual Reports. At the end of each year, we produce a snapshot of the entire year for our consumers. The cost of this report is higher than the standard monthly report, but contains more data - usually data for each individual month, and annual roll-up. These reports are invaluable for gaining high-level insights into key metrics for each platform.

  • Subscriptions. For users desiring to commit to a large amount of data, we offer subscriptions to monthly reports and the annual report. Subscription prices vary by platform, but offer a significant discount from our monthly and annual packages if purchased individually.
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