Steam is self-described as "The Nexus of PC gaming". It is a digital distribution platform for PC titles which also contains advanced social networking features, digital rights management (DRM) and a multiplayer gaming network. Established in 2003 as a content delivery service for Valve products, it expanded to become the largest destination for digital delivery of PC gaming titles. It is estimated that Steam maintains the lions share of the market in terms of units sold and dollar value for products.

As per the 2010 Annual Report, Steam generates approximately $1 billion USD per year, which makes it the largest market FADE offers monthly reports for.

Report Availability

Each Steam report includes monthly and life to date data for most available titles. We also include life to date data for titles that have been delisted from the service for reference. We track approximately 1,300 titles with life to date data.

In the .PDF report, we include high-level observations of the Steam market, and a synopsis of user trends and sales patterns on the network.

Report Content

Typical reports include charts such as:

  • Chart: Number of Titles Available, by Price Range
  • Chart: Number of Paid Titles Published to Steam, by Release Year
  • Chart: Average Lifetime Revenue, by Metacritic Rating
  • Chart: Revenue Estimates, by Month (January 2010 to Current)
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