Platform Coverage

FADE LLC provides a wide array of reports for multiple platforms in the video game industry. We specialize in markets that are not covered by traditional brick-and-mortar tracking services. Also unique to our reporting structure is the ability for clients to order reports for one, or multiple markets and receive a volume discount. You will never pay for more data than you need, saving your research team valuable time and money.

Digital platforms are a fast growing market. In 2010, FADE LLC tracked over $2 billion USD in revenue through our all combined platforms, with most markets posting double-digit growth from the year prior. Distribution services for both consoles, PC and mobile phones are expected to grow significantly in the forseeable future, which makes our reports invaluable for developers, publishers, and venture capitalists seeking to learn about these high-growth areas.

Each report is platform-specific. Although we ensure that data across all platforms has similar key metrics, we leverage the unique characteristics of each market to provide unique insights into the market - review scores, genres and unit pricing may vary from report to report. With this in mind, we try to draw important comparisons among similar markets, while ensuring unique characteristics stay tied to a specific platform.

Tracking Periods for Platforms

FADE LLC makes a concerted effort to track all games as close to a month-over-month period as possible. Due to some unique market characteristics, some platforms may be tied to specific weeks (WiiWare), while others are aggregated closer to the 30th of each month. Each .PDF report details the exact tracking periods for the report. As per our analysts, we attempt to ensure that each report for the month prior is produced no later than the 20th of each month. Therefore, the December 2009 reports for all platforms should be done on or before January the 20th. Some special exceptions are made for custom reports, but we generally try to ensure that apples-to-apples comparisons can be made between all platforms.

Availability of Reports

At FADE LLC, we strive to maintain archives of all reports we have produced. Interested parties may purchase historical reports at reduced prices, if and when in needed of researching longer sets of data. We offer reports as early as the following months for each platform:

  • Xbox Live Arcade - January 2008
  • WiiWare & Virtual Console - January 2009
  • Playstation Network - June 2010
  • Steam - June 2010
  • iPhone Mobile - January 2010
  • Android Mobile - January 2010
  • BlackBerry Mobile - January 2010
  • Windows Mobile - January 2010
  • FADE LLC strives to produce comprehensive reports for all digital markets. Our goal is to be the leading provider of mobile, console, and PC-based digital markets. We are looking to partner with companies involved in the following markets. Likewise, we are hard at work on ensuring these markets are covered:

  • Additional PC Digital Retailers
  • Symbian Mobile (Ovi Store)
  • 3DS Ware
  • Downloadable Content (DLC) for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3
  • Casual/Social Gaming Networks and Titles
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